Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…

Right, I’m up to chapter nine of Lilith and thought I’d throw a bone to anyone who crosses the blog. Anyone who has read the opening chapters (check the earlier posts/pages for them) will know the the story is set in Detroit.

Here is where the action starts with blood and gore (at the Detroit P.D.):

At some stage I will have to introduce you to a few other characters, Aytal in particular, maybe Chucky and Vince too…

On other issues, my Dee Dee and State of Trance film scripts failed to progress to the final twelve of the Make My Movie competition. No worries, I wish the twelve successful ideas (judged on idea and… poster design! WTF?) all the best. Anyways, my screenplays probably need a bit more than $100,000 to do properly. Either way, it ain’t gonna stop me.

Lilith word count : 14588 (and listening the The Beatle’s White Album…)


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