Another delay (!)

Lilith will happen. I promise. Though the rate of progress is not anywhere satisfactory in my eyes.

Further more, a complete stop is about to happen as my studies suddenly take centre-stage again. Plus, on top of that there is a possibility that things may have to get completed from overseas… an Archaeological, Anthropological and Forensic Sciences BSc(Hons) course beckons at Bournemouth University starting September 2012. Whether or not I take up the possibility is still up in the air so no decisions on that yet.

What is true for me is that other studies here and now have to be dealt with over the next four to five weeks. That is what I will be focussing on, plus doing as many hours at work too. Maybe then I will be in a financial and temporal position to make a decision about where I’ll spend the next five years: Christchurch, Auckland, Sydney, Adelaide, Liverpool (may return to study at LJMU) or Bournemouth.

So for a while, here’s to Lilith.


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