At Full Tilt

Proceeding well with Lilith – though I really do have to stop writing at some stage and figure-out the plot.

I’ve been going by “the seat of my pants” and reckon I need to take some time out to get the intra-chapters better planned.

I am trying to have an exciting event happen every chapter… if that fails – afterall this is not a freaking action-thriller, it’s paranormal fiction with undead folk it’s not ther end of the world (for me). So the writing style and syntax has to meld just right.

B paused as if thinking. “Does Hanna know you’re out there?”

Shit, I’d forgotten her.

“No, she doesn’t. Can you keep it quiet?”

He laughed haughtily. That meant a favor was going to be owed. It could join its hundreds of brothers.

“No probs. Maybe Derwan can get some blow…” he left it hanging, as if fishing for a positive response.

Blow. Coke. Cocaine. Sometimes, yeah, I did have the stuff. But I hated it and was damned if Derwan was gonna get any.

The word count hasn’t shot up dramatically since the last time we met. The writing had to take a back seat due to external obligations. They are over for now. Hopefully that means that Lilith will get completely written before I’m next called up, so to speak. Sometimes it is a fine balancing act just to get time to actually do any writing. Some things take priority in life.

Lilith word count : 11,595


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