Last tease from Lilith…

I suppose that this is the least favourite of the opening four chapters. Some passages have been changed. Some passages added, since this page was made. I’ve still got the bugs over it.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Chapter Four

Approaching the gray steel door to the Nephilim base in western Detroit sent a wave of weakness through me, just like every other time I’ve messed up. Which was once or twice. It looks like an abandoned house half hidden behind a grotty warehouse out front, overgrown by trees and unseen from the street.

Everything was quiet, even our breathing. Only the grass blowing in the cold wind made a sound. My nervousness shot up to a new high as I stepped onto the porch and turned the steel door handle.

Barry’s breathing could be heard behind, but my focus was on the hallway. Behind me was safe.

The bitch called Hanna was waiting at the end of the hall, glaring at me. Gasping I almost recoiled in fear, until I remembered I had nothing to lose. I took a step toward her and froze.

“In my office. Now!” Her voice was a whisper, under control, but urgent.

Ducking my head down and striding up the hall past the little businesslike Neph’ leader, I squeezed past and turned into her spacious ‘office’. There I stood, not daring to show any casual display. That would be taken as insolence, which right now I could ill afford. Outside Hanna and B exchanged a few words, and he confirmed that no problems had been encountered in my super difficult rescue.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

I kept my eyes focused on the old tapestry depicting Saint Gregory being tortured. The various pictures swirled around inside my head and making me wonder which one was my future.

Racing through the possibilities in my head dark images answered my fear. Could I survive being smashed with hammer? Or having molten lean poured over me? Being torn limb from limb? Things were grim and getting too much to bear, so I forced her eyes away from the horror that Hanna kept with obvious pride of place. It was her tapestry, literally. What the hell was she capable of?

Hanna thankfully distracted my thoughts as she sidled past, slowly eyeing me intently as if wondering what she would do to extract maximum pain. For the sake of not offering anything that might inflame Hanna’s toxic state of mind I kept my mouth firmly shut and locked my teeth together.

Standing to the side of her wooden desk the very ancient twenty-something immortal looked at me thoughtfully, as if she was some fresco she wanted nailed on her wall.

“Hmm, you were sent out to get information and you get caught.”

She took a breath and it was clear that there was more to come. She was just getting started.

“You were told not to interact with anyone. I would have thought that human police were sort of high up on the list for you not to get involved with.” Her voice moved up a gear in either anger or total exasperation as she leaned forward, her brown eyes staring up from under the hood of her fine brows. “Oh no, our dear Lilith not only did you fail miserably in that department, but you god damn send half a dozen of them to the Maker.”

She was right. Judging by her mood I so knew I was fucked. I kept silent. © Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

“What the hell am I suppose to do with you?”

Glaring down and now physically very close sent a shockwave through me and I cast a risky look at her as if in reflex. Instantly I regretted it. Hanna was crazy, baring her teeth with a look of fury. Getting out of the office alive would be a lucky result.

“Cat got your tongue? No smart ass reply?” Hanna rounded on me, treading like a hunter behind me and almost keeping out of my peripheral vision. Almost. I was aware she was there and the fact she was behind me ran against all my fighting instincts. Moving could provoke her.
“The problems you have caused… you have no idea, little girl. Si-Kee will want your blood running down their sacrificial column and Par-Tos will want you in a cold dark room. I am minded to give them you before they come here demanding you. That would resolve our differences with the Lesser Undeads.” Hanna smiled as if the idea was great.

Being handed over to either of the Lesser kinds would be the end of me. I’d either be physically broken or mentally broken. The idea of them celebrating over my lifeless body as compensation felt like my heart was being crushed and twisted.

“Please…” I managed to utter, pleading with my eyes, trying valiantly to hold back panicky tears. “Please, Hanna, what went on, it was a trap. They were waiting and everything was so fucked up. It was a choice of doing it on the street or them getting me.”

Tears started down my cheeks, not giving a flying fuck about my attempts at self control.

“I don’t want excuses little girl. I want you to tell me, should I give you to the Si-Kee or should you go to the Par-Tos?”

Shit, she wasn’t gonna listen. Neither option was desirable.

“I had no choice. It was there and then, or wait, where there were less eyes. I chose the latter,” I blubbered, trying to break through the hard façade I reckoned had to exist somewhere in the bitch. For a moment Hanna fell quite, stepping back deep in thought and sat down on the edge of the huge desk and crossed her arms.

I hoped, just a glimmer, that maybe I had cracked Hanna. Imperceptibly my hopes rose and allowed me to gather enough wits to stem the tide of salty tears. Wiping my cheeks with a swipe of each forearm I took the opportunity to build on the tiny success.

“Mother Hanna, they knew I was gonna be there. Escaping the cop shop was better than on the street,” I repeated, speaking slowly and clearly. Hopefully the gravity of what I was saying would get through.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Eventually Hanna stood up to her full height, which was eye to eye with my six foot, and walked around the desk. She stood there, her back to me, staring at the tapestry of Saint Gregory.

“You know, I remember him like it was yesterday. He just wouldn’t abandon his faith despite all that we put him through. It was on my word, my pointing the finger that he suffered all those horrors. Even after he died years later in that wretched hole, I never embraced his faith until a good hundred years had passed.”

Hanna stood there smiling, admiring the piece of cloth. Huh, she was in a happy place.

“His suffering drove me to accept that the strength he held to was something I needed. We tortured him and day by day he died. It still haunts me. I know he was good.”

Hanna had never spoken to me about the picture on the wall. No one had. Everyone had simply assumed it was purely decorative. Now she was saying that she had done true evil by mistake. For the first time I understood that what we think is evil, and therefore wrong in the here and now, is not always so.

Over the years of existence, rights and wrong can reverse. Past righteousness can haunt one’s conscience as much as a wrongdoing.
She turned from the old tapestry and touched her fingertips to the surface of the desk and looked hard at the warrior.

“Lilith, what you have done must be dealt with. They knew you were going to be there. That means we have a problem to resolve. It is not for me to decide these things, in a state of anxiety. Let me consult with Galinka. I hear what you are saying and we will decide on how to deal with it. We will respond appropriately. But you are on notice. One misstep and I will have to act, rightly or wrongly.”

She was letting me off, I assume on condition that the fucking traitor is found. I blinked, lost for words. Except, that suddenly I was too god damn tired to speak. I needed my scag to escape, away from this place just for a few hours. © Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

“For now there is something you can do.”

“I would do anything that pleases you.”

Hanna’s face flickered with a smile knowing that all too well that I had absolutely no choice in the matter. She humored me and shuffled some papers on the desk, finally lifting some stapled pages and casting an eye over them.

“Tomorrow, find Derwan and Kazimir. Go over to Kalamazoo. There have been reports of humans getting drained in the town. Seven in total, maybe more. Three bodies were found in Sloane in the city and others in Eastside, Oakwood and Arcadia.”

She passed the pages over to me. It was a police report outlining the murders, with press clippings and a typed memo from a local Nephal.
“I want you both to do a sweep through Kalamazoo with two objectives. First, check to see if there are any signs of Antediluvians anywhere in town. Judging from the police reports this is AD style. Second, report back to me what you do or do not find. Clear?”

Relieved that I was back on track and with a job I nodded keenly. Hunting the AD’s was what we did.

“Go Lilith. And please don’t kill anyone you don’t need to.”

I gave her a nod of thanks as I turned to the door. Honestly, I was too dizzy with relief to do much more.

Leaving the office I closed the door and stood leaning against the hallway wall and breathed easy. Bobby appeared at the top end of the hall and I grimaced at him as the precipice I’d been teetering on retreated into the distance.

“How’d it go?” he asked, shooting his brows up in a questioning manner.

“Just fucking brilliant.” I tapped the wad of pages on his arm as I passed him. “I’m still here, for now.”

“What’s she gonna do?” B followed into the sumptuous ceramic tiled foyer. We stopped short of the stairs to the lower levels, by the balustrade overlooking downstairs.

“She listened to me and she’ll decide later what to do. She’s going to speak with Galinka.”

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

“Is that good?”

I shrugged, hesitating just slightly, getting impatient for my nightly fix before she made her escape down the marble stairs. Hanging around making chit-chat with him wasn’t gonna get her high and out of this hell hole. Sleeping would be impossible, as it was every other night even with the help of heroin, but a good mug of hot kava would solve that.

“The angel ain’t likely to pussy foot around when we have a problem B. How she’ll react? I haven’t a clue.”

Once back in my little ten foot by five foot room on the third floor down, the first thing I did was hunt down some garb to change into. The sleeveless top, and short skirt I had on would need a long soak in a bucket of Clorox. ASAP and for a long time. They’d probably be ruined regardless so they’d have to get thrown out.

The wet and bloody clothes went in a plastic bag and got dropped in the trashcan. Grabbing a towel, soap and shampoo I headed into the en-suite turning the shower on hot.

Dropping my knickers and bra on the tiled bathroom floor and stepping into the steaming water a sense of urgency came over me. Getting all the blood and brains off my skin was like trying to scrub mud from your favorite carpet. Jeez! It’s in my hair too?

You knew it wasn’t going to really come out but you had to give it a go. Mind you, with the abuse I’d done to myself over the years, a little gore was hardly likely to make a difference now.

Samael had warned that immortality would have a price attached, that I would have to pay for eternity. From my first days back in my village I’d been on the mission that I was still on. The eradication of evil was what the angel had sent Lilith back for. Hence a little pinky gray brain material in your hair ain’t gonna kill me.

Though maybe how I did my job was perhaps a little radical and bloodthirsty for some even on my side of the war against the AD’s. Rarely had I been forced confront the consequences of my actions. It was a natural thing for Nephal to kill their enemy and there were no rules on how it was done. You just don’t question success. So fucking chalk up another one for the Dark Immortal, yeah!

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

It was a joke Nephilim had taken to our hearts, aware of how their actions were seen by the outside world. To humans and AD’s we were the darkness to be eradicated, no matter what. In truth it was the Antediluvians who were the dark immortals, encouraging and participating in all the evils blighting the mortal world.

They fought to protect the scum. We cleaned it up.

The shower was wonderful as the hot streams hit me with tiny stings and the heat flowed down over my head, down my shoulders and down my pale skinny body and legs. For a long while I just turned my head upwards and closed my eyes toward the shower head and allowed the water to wash over. It wasn’t as good as a sensual full body massage, nor as relaxing as a good dose of scag, or even a mug of good kava for that matter, but right now, it was heaven.

Opening my eyes I was happily surprised to look down and see that the water going down the drain was clean and bore no trace of the blood that my body had been drenched in. If it had have been that bright, watery red draining away, perhaps my spirit would have nosedived, instead it was like thank you Almighty Seth, something was clean.

Maybe that meant one really could wash away the nagging guilt that was whispering in the back of my head. Feeling lighter and palpably fresher having scrubbed away the invisible layers of evil Finally leaving the shower, I wrapped myself in my favorite long, soft, fluffy, orange bathrobe. I sat scrubbing my long blonde hair dry, perched on the edge of the single bed.

When my hair was absolutely dry, straightened and tied back it was time.

Opening the bedside drawer I removed a belt, syringe, lighter and bag of scag. Yes, it was time to chill with her beloved H. After a mug of relaxing hot kava that was. Just what the doctor ordered!

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


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