Lilith teaser – Chapter 3

Here is the third of the four opening chapters of Lilith – A Dark Immortal Novel, currently being written.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Chapter Three

“Cheap sex Lilith,” B droned on with a sermon from his past, “ain’t gonna make you feel better in the long term.”

Sitting back in the big encompassing passenger seat as B smoothly guided the Lexus toward the north west of Detroit using the back streets I let his barbed comments go in one ear and out the other. He was probably jealous. Him preaching had almost been forgotten in the tumult of the last few months. It seemed the war with the Antediluvians was heating up. When stressed B gets preachy. I wiped my jaw with a forearm, half imagining that I could still feel the product of the quickie out back of the bar.

“Yeah, yeah B.” Casting him a sideways glance bit back my desire to have a go at him. Hurting his feelings would be counter-productive. “I thought you’d got over the religious thing. Seems like it’s coming on strong again.”

Barry just ignored that, not even giving a snorty laugh, or a look.

“Hanna talked to me last week about the Si-Kee. She wants me to start liaising with them. Maybe share some tactical info on the AD’s.”
B’s frown told me everything I needed to know. Some Nephilim, B in particular, had an aversion to the Si-Kee, no matter their purpose being compatible with ours.

“They freak me out.”

B grimaced but kept his focus on the road. “That’s for sure. Seems that they think that combining our efforts may help.” © Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

“Help us, or them?”

“Dunno, Par-Tos and Si-Kee hate each other as much as we hate the ADs. For the same reasons. So maybe it is a good idea.”

Conversation in the car dried up as I considered mixing and meeting with the white-haired smelly shits, the Si-Kee. I shivered at the thought. Of the two races of Lesser Undeads they were without a shred of doubt the ones that were good. Just that their powers, like being able to read your mind and affect how you think meant you couldn’t trust them. Unlike the Par-Tos. Yeah they couldn’t lie could they, forever honest as we all knew. Still, their ways were creepy, especially when you were never aware when they did a number and mind-fucked you without knowing it.

Being asked by Hanna to liaise with them was not the same as sitting down and chatting to them like we would, or even a vamp may choose to over a cup of tea and scone. Just knowing they were there and what they could do was enough to give anyone the jitters.

Barry seemed to feel into the same about the Lesser Undeads too, his thoughts probably racing from terror to terror of what both races were capable of. We knew that to fuck with a Lesser was to risk your sanity. After a few minutes of silence I decided to break the ice and refocus on happier things.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Clearing my throat I spoke up. “Hey, you know if George is going to Illinois this week? I’ll need to lay low for a while. Hanna will have to sort out the mess uptown.”

“She’s already looking for you. Not happy Lilith.”

“Fuck. The last thing I need is a fucking distraction that drags me off the street.”

“Think of it this way. She ain’t gonna make you grease-up the Si-Kee, no matter what you do.”

“Yeah? I’ll be lucky if she doesn’t send me back to Samael with a note saying I’ve been naughty.”

B laughed at that. Which was fine for him. Laughing at my expense was okay. Maybe they’d pick up the god damn pieces when I came back broken by the angel. It had happened more than once. The joke was truer than we Nephilim dared to admit. Maybe this time I’d not be coming back.

We were just a couple of minutes from home when the enormity of the night’s events struck me, sending me into a belated worry. In all appearances, I was nothing but a teenage girl, unbeknown to the humans. Wanted for murder by the police and engaged in an increasingly bloody war with the Antediluvians, the AD’s, whilst the vamps and Lessers watched with glee. © Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Back at the ‘house’ I would be safe and beyond the clutches of human law enforcement. American civil society had long departed these derelict badlands of Hamtramck, Illinois. In these parts of dodge, Neph’ were the law. Unlike the Detroit police department, the Nephilim concept of justice did not include niceties such as proof of guilt and trials.

The conversation between us dried up as I fell into an all-consuming tide of worry. Even accustomed to my dire standards, Hanna would be almightily pissed and would be fretting over how those blond haired Lesser Undeads would react. It would be just her luck to be well and truly fucked by her own boss and those sociopathic freaks.

Lessers saw themselves as arbitrators in our war with the ADs. In truth they were just opportunistic pricks.

Travelling up the familiar East Palmer Avenue, I stared out at the dark deserted and ruined landscape. Judging by the rougher ride, we were getting close to home, surrounded by disused crumbling homes and factories, burnt out cars, and overgrown lots. It was the sort of place where you’d never be missed.

B swung the car off the street where I wouldn’t have been surprised to have come across a dead body. It had happened a few years ago when the local human population was at war with itself.

Gangs and killings, drugs and violence abounded everywhere and one night it had visited our street. First glances can be deceiving. It was probably the safest place in Detroit for immortals like us. Not so for our most dangerous enemies whom we could see coming through the barren neighborhood. Antediluvians wanted nothing more than the eradication of the only obstacle to their free reign over humans. Us.

When I wasn’t bumping them off myself that is, I told herself. They wanted to rid the planet of all evil and that meant the ADs and sinful humans. I was worried that maybe this time I had overstepped the mark in taking out those cops.

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Running the events through my mind I figured that three of them were dead and maybe another three had various degrees of injury.

Barry drove the car around the back of a ruined building and we sat silent in the darkness for a while. Clearly B was thinking along the same lines as me. We really did not want to go in the building.

“Hanna’s gonna crucify me B.”

“Fuck her. Whatever she does can’t be worse than what we do every day can it? What’s she gonna do, send you back to the angels?”

That made me grimace. Whilst they frequently dissed the angels as being nothing more than gatekeepers, every single immortal existed because of their apparently beneficent ways. Cross them, put a spanner in the way of their finely devised plotting and you stood a good chance at being Recalled back to the land of the dead.

Yes, Samael, my angel could just as easily fuck me over as talk sweet nothings in my ear. He was equally likely to do both at the same time. Not only did I have to run the risk of the big boss being angry with tonight’s monumental balls up, but he had a reputation for taking callousness to new levels. Making me a Nephilim hadn’t been an act of kindness but a selfish act designed to correct an impending numbers imbalance.

The utilitarian bastard.

Hanna had all the power she could need, ready to use against anyone if she choose. Honestly, if roles were reversed and some Nephilim skank had just made the cock-up I had, their ass would be history. Hopefully things wouldn’t be as bad as I feared.

Looking at B a wave of nausea swept over me as my fears began to manifest themselves. My stomach had a knot in it and god damn butterflies on speed were doing the routine in my chest. Freezing up, I reckoned that maybe a little instant pain would snap me back to reality. I bit my gum to the point I felt and heard my teeth break through the skin.

It didn’t help clear my mind one bit. Though, the taste was nice. © Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

“Lilith, you gotta come in babe.”

Barry was looking across from the driver’s side, with his hand on the door handle ready to get out the car. I just looked morosely at him speechless, trying to buy myself some more time. His voice didn’t quite snap her out of it but it subtly changed her thoughts, away from fear to analysis. It dawned on me that there was squat all I could do to prevent what was about to happen.

“I’m either totally fucked or things will be fine.” I murmured, reasoning that whatever happened, like being Recalled to the dead or Hanna killing me herself, circumstances were beyond her control.

Recall would be way OTT and Hanna doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. Running or lying would guarantee her getting dead. Honesty left the possibility of limiting the risks. Right now I knew what they were and could deal with them. Things would be fine. Really.

“Yep. Not much choice now,” B piped up, not entirely reassuring me.

Taking a big breath for what could be the last time, I smiled weakly at my trusty side-kick and nodded.

“Let’s do it B.”

© Copyright 2011, David Noblet. This material may not be used, altered, or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


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