“State of Trance” screenplay opening scenes

The opening scenes to this proposed violent psychological thriller can now be downloaded by clicking the link below:

State of Trance [Screenplay sample]

The poster (the girl sat on the roadside) matches the first scene whereby the platform for the rest of the movie is set. Incidently, there are a few themes here: (1) Do not drink and drive, (2) Do not smoke whilst driving – it can be dangerous, and (3) Do not wander onto the road in an incoherent state. Oh, plus, the lead male character is a lawyer… grrr. But really, the movie has no message except one I suppose: natural justice happens no matter what.

The tagline “Are you awake?” is intended to evoke a creepy feeling and fear of going to sleep or being otherwise unconscious. It is then that you can be possessed and enter the state of trance. When that happens serious problems can occur, affecting you and others for the rest of your life – typically not very long following a state of trance. “Are you awake?” is also the catch-phrase spoken by the possessing spirit as it enters the victim’s mind, asking him or her “Are you awake?” in a soft – almost a whisper – voice.

State of Trance – A “Vanguard Newborn” film, written by Kaden Brown

Are you awake?

Lawyer Michael Chisholm is drink-driving and causes a traffic accident, killing a young woman and seriously injuring himself. In hospital he is in an unresponsive state. During that time the spirit of the dead woman, Mandy, possesses his mind. He enters the state of trance. It is a terror he will never forget.

A battle of wills follows with Mandy finally convincing the lawyer to allow her to possess his whole body to investigate her husband’s  death. To Michael, assisting in the search for truth is about getting rid of the spirit and the torture.

Afterall, when Mandy is gone he can recover in peace. This is a shocking tale of gang violence, truth and vengeful justice as Michael endures.

You can vote to get this script turned into a real film by visiting Make My Movie.


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