Prequel to Vanguard: where it began (or what went before)

Before Vanguard – Newborn, Zetty was of-course Dee Dee. And she had her own life – a human life, full of sex, drugs and spiralling dysfunction.

Some people when they read VN (if the book is ever published) will ask themselves “how exactly did this girl become a vampire?” What is the relationship between Dee Dee and Elizabeth? What about her family? The story was told well before VN was ever written, and though it can now be seen as a prequel to the first Vanguard book it is a totally different genre. Whilst VN is urban fiction (or “paranormal fiction” as some call the genre) “Dee Dee” is more of a drama. Yes, there are murders and frightening events, but the story is about Dee Dee and the collapse of her happy life into the depths of despair, betrayal, sex and drugs.

VN picks-up at literally the very second that “Dee Dee” the prequel ends.

Shortly, the screenplay that tells Dee Dee’s story (simply called “Dee Dee”) will be published on the Simply Scripts website. When it’s up there I will put a direct link in the menu here so readers can directly access it.

Incidently FYI, Dee Dee the screenplay is set in Wellington New Zealand (VN is set in the UK), includes many of the same characters that appear in the VN world – even though Dee Dee/Zetty doesn’t yet realize it. Even by the end of VN Zetty does not know that one specific character (who appears as a semi-key character in the prequel) is actually Si-Kee. In book two of the Books of the Black Society Zetty does learn that someone she knew as a human is Si-Kee. But that will all evolve as Vanguard Coven gets written – which is a while off.

On the Lilith front, I am about to restart writing as soon as the big re-write for VN has been completed. Due to certain obligations writing has been held-up, but things should get back into a good rhythm very soon. Fingers crossed!


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