Out-take #2, Vanguard Newborn, Chapter 2 (paragraph 3)

Continuing on my rewrite I thought I would post a paragraph that I have just now disposed of. Not that it would vanish into the ether for ever like – I do have back-ups of back-ups of the MS so it will never be lost, so to speak. Here it is though. Just for posterity.

It wasn’t with the panic and tears that I experienced those feelings, as I had done for years following that one day’s events. When whole days and weeks and months passed in a blur, numb with emotion and listless, afraid to talk or even venture out with friends.

It’s is a mere few lines, but hey, there’s not much else to read about here is there? Zetty would probably post the whole thing and be damned. Nah, not me. Not until the rewrite is finished anyways. Then I’m not too sure about how I will approach publishing. An agent? Kindle? Line editing first? F**k knows, as Zetty would say. (She would actually say it). Some American Indian god would say Just do it! Lilith would probably be too out of it on scag to give a sh*t – unless she was killing Antediluvians that is. Me? I ain’t got any idea what’s gonna happen!

I’ll get back to the writing and listening to LGG “Born This Way” (prefer Britney right now…)


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