Writing and interruptions

Jeez, what a couple of crazy months I have had. Craziness on a scale I can only laugh about now, which I do – just to keep my insanity in check.

Apart from the crap that exploded in my life over the last couple of months – since my coming back from Australia – progress has been made with both Lilith and VN. Actually there is another work in progress, called “59 Harewood” which is a by-the-numbers horror feature length screenplay. But that is taking a low priority as I do have two books to finish first.

Having started the big rewrite of VN I have taken Debbie’s comments on board and redone some of the chapters – as one does when doing a rewrite. As a little teaser, and because I like his clothes soooo much I have posted a picture of a pair of pants Zetty likes. The pants are by Ed Hardy and I recommend visiting his store. Fan-tas-tic is too light a word to describe his stuff.

Not sure yet, but the chapter that Dee Dee (Zetty’s real human name) wears these pants may be chopped at a later stage. Regardless, FYI the pants are typical of the style she wears throughout the story – when she can that is.

Take care for now.


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