VN Comes Back From Review

Today was a biggish day for Zetty and the whole world of the Black Society.

The VN manuscript came back from being reviewed and it has pretty much blown my mind away. Painstakingly working through the book, Debbie has given heaps and heaps to think about and probably much more to fix. I took a snap pic of me holding the MS and all her comments which are on seperate pages and throughout the MS.

When I offered the book for her to read I didn’t hold great expectations as to the quality of feedback. I have to say that her analysis is outstanding! The opinions she has brought to the process have been well thought out and leaves me with a massive job in getting the book into shape, suitable for going to a copyeditor.

Mind you, the hard work has already been done (mostly) and the rewrites and plot changes I need to make will be minor tasks compared to the actual original writing. Though some of the changes will be pretty big per se.

Progress of Lilith is going okay, with the story being told in the third person and with multiple layers of plots and characters. So it is going considerably slower than VN. An early assessment leads me to think that the opening chapters of Lilith are easier to read and absorb than with VN – as I have discussed earlier.

Whatever he’d wanted her to do she had long accomplished.
Eons ago those fantasies that Lilith had dreamed about as a young girl, he had offered. She had accepted his proposal with no trace of guilt, nor any vestige of concern.

Continuing with Lilith will be my priority until it too goes for review. Then I will sit down and focus on VN and the rewrite. In the mean time I will dwell upon Debbie’s (and James’) comments and figure out the exact changes needed.

Lilith word count : 8142 (really slow…)


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