Feedback and Rewrites

So gradually the opinion over VN is coming in and it sadly confirms my own opinion: that the first three chapters are Crap.

This means that those pages will be dumped and rewritten. In re-reading VN this week I concurred with the criticism. Frankly the style was appalling and most definately sub-standard. As any author knows, rewrites are routine matters that we must take in our stride.

This got me thinking about the how’s and why’s of the matter. In beginning the write the book I made the decision to just write and not get too bogged down in fine details and thinking too much over the style or grammar at that stage. Getting the book underway and overcoming the first hurdle (i.e. taking the first step) was more important than technical issues. The end result was crap ‘choppy’ writing.

Re-doing the beginning of VN isn’t a big deal. I’m pretty confident that with an improved beginning the readibility and enjoyment quotient of the story will improve. And that is the aim afterall. So as soon as the MS comes back it is back to a new beginning. I will post the abandoned chapters at some stage later… maybe, probably…

On a different note, progress is underway in the writing of Lilith. Things are a bit slow at the moment having completed only 5K words but I am laying the structure out for the book and later books in the series.


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