Ah, the last few days have been consumed by plotting the story for Lilith the lead character in my next book, an adult urban fantasy. Whilst I was playing with the title “Iron Bound” I am more disposed toward a different choice. I will decide probably in the next few weeks. So, though I am progressing at the moment with the book under the title “Lilith” it will almost certainly be changed due to an (unrelated) horror film due to be released shortly that uses the same title.

A few pointers about “Lilith” so-far:

    > Lilith is a very dark and seriously f***ked-up person;
    > She is a “Dark Immortal” with heaps of scars and tattoos (my characters love tats!);
    > Plot is set in urban US cities (the first chapter is set in Detroit);
    > Readers will empathize with Lilith and understand why she does what she does
    > Her character will evolve and she will become torn between…;
    > Other immortals want her dead;
    > Some of the story is set in Samara (Mesopotamia) circa 585 BC;
    > Lilith is addicted to illegal narcotic substance/s.

A pic of a model who I imagine Lilith may look like…

Can you imagine her with blood dripping down her chin? Yeah… or the needle hanging from her arm?

I think that will be suffice for now. Much more info will give away the plot and how the story unfolds.

Oh yes, before I go. Thank you James for the help you gave me. A mention will be made…


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