Getting it out

Back from Australia where I saw my mum and my sister. Last year I visited my mum, but Karin I hadn’t seen since 1983 (!) So it was nice to see her and my niece…

Now I’m back in Christchurch where we are still having scary earthquakes (one on Saturday evening) and rainstorms that wake one up at four in the morning. My appetite for Australia has grown and maybe I’ll have to put in some hours at my regular job so that I could afford to move to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney, on a semi-permanant basis. In my life no location ever lasts for more than ten years… but who knows.

The Vanguard – Newborn manuscript is making the rounds of friends and hopefully I get some feedback that helps me do a re-draft/re-write soon. So-far so good, and I’m holding my breath about a few things in the book. I will never be totally happy about anything I ever write… though I suppose that is what keeps me going.

Anyways, I have come-up with a little blurb for VN:

Being made a Ward of the Vampyre Council is the least of Ashley’s problems. Or so she thought. A grouchy mentor with no patience, a face that everyone is terrified of, and not being allowed home were enough to worry about.

Newborn Ashley Zetterburg doesn’t know it, but powerful forces are aligning and she is their unwitting target. Then there’s the plotting and scheming of the Council Overlords who hold her life in their own hands.

Can she survive long enough to solve the puzzle that made her and set her upon the path of loss, pain and betrayal?

On other matters, work on Iron Bound (or whatever I decide to call it…) has started. Currently devising character biographies and the plot. I think this will be a more difficult book to plan but maybe easier to write. We’ll find out in due course, won’t we?

Iron Bound

Whatever he’d wanted me to do I had accomplished, long ago.


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