Finished? No, I’m just starting really

Seventeen weeks after starting Vanguard Newborn I have finished writing the story. I know that may seem slow when compared with the likes of writing Goddesses such as Richelle Mead, who can write a book in four to six weeks, but what do I care… she is brilliant and has a multitude of fantastic books that I love. I don’t compare myself to her.

Now I am taking a break from writing for a week or so – not that I will be resting back and forgetting to do anything. Last night I got into bed at about 2am having began to sketch out the character and plot for my next story, which will not be Vanguard Coven. I am taking the advice of a well respected agent who advises me not to follow-up my first book with a second part book (i.e. the second book in the same series). Rather to increase my chances of getting published I am writing a totally different book. The theory being (and she should know!) that a publisher may not want my first book for whatever reason (such as the whole series concept) but they may like my second (a different concept and maybe more saleable).

So that is what I’ll do. I am not giving up on VN. It will continue on the process to try and get it published. Line editing and copy editing awaits Zetty.

I will leave you with three words that indicate my next lead character: Witch. Undead. Adult.

Yeah. Bring it on you ****en c**t! The novel will be an Adult Urban fiction and by adult I mean it will be X-rated. I’m not sure that a publisher would touch it, but I can tone it down if they baulk at the cutting style I plan to use.

I am currently working with the title Iron Bound with the lead being taken by a girl with the name of Nadine who must exist in the underbelly of New York. Evil pleasure is the only thing that can rejuvenate her undead body. Only through learning to empathize and understand those she is forced to sleep with, share needles and harm can she build the knowledge and ability to cast spells, gain happiness, and accept what has happened to her.

But remember… all this may change. Afterall, I am still planning the god damn book (as Zetty would say).

Vanguard – Newborn word count: 99309


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