Ten Things Zetty Likes

Hmm, Zetty sometimes lives a pretty lively and hectic life. Apart from her petty hates (such as stuck-up bigots) she has a number of, ahem, adult loves. Here’s a quick list of her top ten:

10. Guys and girls (Jessica, Mig)
9. Vampiric walking
8. Combat gear
7. Vodka
6. Cigarettes
5. Sex
4. Chunky black boots
3. Dancing
2. Red Cossacks (blood with a shot of vodka in a highball glass)
1. Lustre A Positive (blood, heated to 37 degrees C)

High up there somewhere is coffee and the cafe lifestyle also. She would probably rate it either 11 or 10 – as her sexuality is a ‘given’.

Zetty’s work shoes (at Vanguard).

Vanguard – Newborn word count: 77354


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