First re-write of Vanguard Newborn

Having reached over the half way mark in the first book I decided I needed to take a knife to the story. Actually, it was more like an axe. Almost an entire chapter was cut. What replaced it was a lot better written with more logical structure and reads much better. One day I may post the dumped text, but it is not pretty reading, I have to say.

The initial title i had in mind was “Vanguard – Inductee”. I changed that to “Vanguard – Newborn” which is a more direct title, in the sense that it gives the reader a better idea what the book could be about. Vanguard is taken from the society that the lead character Zetty (aka. Ashley) Zetterburg is a member of. I won’t spoil it for you by explaining that – you’ll have to read the book!

Here I have posted a picture of models I found that look like some of the major characters of the series:

I’ve posted this so that you can get an idea of what each character looks like in my mind. From left to right they are: Allison Farmer (Warrior), Xesci Sarron (Vampire Hunter), Ashley Zetterburg (Vanguard), K-Don (Si-kee), Monica Williams (Angel). Some of these characters will appear in VN – some only fleetingly – but all will appear in VC or later with key plot roles. In VN warrior Allison has a high profile, in VC K-Don will be more of a central figure (aside from Zetty that is).


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